There is only one business in the
world and that is of human wellbeing.
~ Sadhguru
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Over the past few years, globalization and market liberalization have triggered significant economic development in India. While certain segments of the society have benefited from increased purchasing power and living standards, vast numbers of India’s 1.1 billion plus population are excluded. More than 70 per cent of Indians live in rural areas; the majority struggle to earn a living as small farmers, day-wagers, self-employed householders or landless laborers. Their plight is aggravated by a lack of basic infrastructure, healthcare, proper nutrition, adequate education and increasing environmental degradation.

Isha Outreach is transforming the lives of India’s rural poor. The complex, interconnected challenges humanity faces today requires a comprehensive and focused approach. Through health, environmental, educational and livelihood programs, we aspire to empower individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty, disease and despair.

Isha’s impact in rural areas is best measured by the number of community members who, inspired by our programs in rural areas, have graduated from beneficiaries to volunteers. This network provides a platform upon which development surpasses the “final expected results” and inspires volunteers from other parts of India and abroad to dedicate their time and energy. Generous donors and sponsors, corporate partners, NGOs, governmental organizations, educational institutions, individual experts and interest groups have also played a significant role. We thank them for joining us in our fundamental effort to create a more inclusive culture, equal opportunities, harmony and well-being for all.

In a world that is interdependent and interconnected, no single organization can tackle the intractable challenges of rejuvenating rural Indian communities. Only through extensive cooperation and support of all interest groups (private firms, community based organizations and government authorities) can we achieve and sustain significant impact.

As we aim to expand collaboration with national and international partners to rapidly touch the lives of many more, I invite you to learn more about the strength of our experience through this website.

Our vision is to transform rural India. Together, we can make it a reality.

K. Sekar, Project Director