There is only one business in the
world and that is of human wellbeing.
~ Sadhguru
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Launch of Urban Greening Movements

October 2010


Project GreenHands launched Urban Greening Movements in sixteen cities of Tamil Nadu. A rally preceded the launch in each city. Hundreds of students, volunteers and public marched through the major areas shouting slogans and displaying banners to promote environmental conservation. Volunteers also distributed saplings and awareness pamphlets.

Local residents curiously hung over their balconies to witness the procession and many came forward to collect saplings. The Greening Movements were launched during special events presided over by city dignitaries in the presence of Isha’s founder, Sadhguru. The movement activities, including planting and maintenance of tree saplings, are monitored by a specially designated group of volunteers known as Pasumai Padhukavalar (Green Committee). The Movement targets plantation of over three lakh trees in the 16 cities.