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Offset your Carbon Footprint

​You will be re-directed to Milaap.org, Isha's fund raising platform

All it takes is just Rs.100 or $1.5 per tree

(including post planting care an re-plantation for 2 years till your trees become self sustainable)

A campaign by Project GreenHands

In order to reverse desertification, reduce soil erosion, restore sustainability and survive climate change, this environmental initiative of Isha Foundation aims to plant 114 million trees. Thanks to the amazing support from farmers, school children, NGOs, Self help groups, corporate houses and interested individuals, we have enabled planting of overs 33 million trees in the last 12 years by involving more than 2 million volunteers.

With your help, we can continue this effort. Join this grassroots effort and get your hands green!

With your donation Project GreenHands enables you to:

Know the exact location of your trees with GPS coordinates

Know the name of the farmer who grows it for you

​You will be re-directed to Milaap.org, Isha's fund raising platform

We are living in this planet as though we are the last generation. Just in the last 100 years, man has wiped out most of the forest cover on earth. Is this what we want to leave behind for our children? If we don’t do something about this right NOW, the future generation will look back at us with great animosity.

The easiest, simplest and most effective environmental solution is to plant trees.

Generally, a mature tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen to sustain a family of four people. But, in today’s circumstances, each of us must plant 5 trees each year to compensate for what we consume on the planet in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Despite the hectic lifestyle you’re caught in, Now Green Hands makes it possible for you to create your own green patch with just a click away.

​You will be re-directed to Milaap.org, Isha's fund raising platform

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